CandleLight Games, LLC produces third party expansions for OGL games. CLC provides resources such as CGL character sheets, as well as other utility sheets, that further expand the usability of optional rules like those found in Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign and Ultimate Combat books.

The CandleLight Games also produces Expansion Decks that provide information about a given settlement such as NPCs, special materials, adventure hooks, buildings, organizations, random encounters, and treasure. While each deck is an individual settlement, the organizations, buildings, or NPCs in that deck can be used to add flavor to any game.

Additionally CandleLight Games also produces battle maps and modular battle tiles to further enhance table role-playing games.

CLG is currently working a unique campaign setting called Infinite Horizons. Infinite Horizons is campaign setting that pulls all genres into a single setting, allowing GMs and Players to enjoy a high fantasy setting in one campaign and a futuristic setting in another without have to leave the overall meta-setting.